Walk freely in the high winter mountains.


Presentation of the activity

Ecological activity by excellence: it is away from the beaten track, in a unique site that we propose to teach you to walk freely in high winter mountains.
We will discover a virgin and wild nature. By the simplicity of a walk we will come closer to our own nature, our joy and our well being.

  • For non-skiers, it's a simple way to discover the mountains in winter.
  • For skiers and surfers, this is a first step towards cross-country skiing or split-boarding.

Work on your muscle tone, on your general shape. The racket also allows a reeducation, as fun and gradual return to physical activity.

Through a snowshoe outing, you will be able on request to be introduced to multiple disciplines:

  • Orientation and learning the simple use of a map, a compass or a GPS.
  • Nivology, knowledge of the quality of the snow.
  • Learn to track traps, prevent avalanches.
  • Recognition and identification of animal tracks.
  • Geology, understand the formation of the massif at the birth of Mont Blanc.
  • Meteorology.
  • Astronomy during night outings. Learning of breathing, walking, well-being.

And more......

  Your guide

As a mountain guide since 2005, I have been able to perfect my passion all over the world:

  • The accompaniment, the contemplation and the understanding of this extraordinary environment that is the mountain.

It is with joy that I hope to share a moment with you in a big or small adventure, which clears up your understanding of the world of silence.

It is through CAIRN and the ESI here in Flaine among a dynamic and passionate team that I find this ideal to talk about this passion!

Quite simply.



For each of the outings be well covered:

  • Warm clothes.
  • Cap.
  • Gloves.
  • Hot and high shoes.

But also:

  • Some water.
  • Food supplies.

All equipment rackets and sticks will be provided,

Do not forget your good mood!

 The different levels

LEVEL 1 (Beginners)

Open to everyone, often on flat ground, children, parents and grandparents will learn to practice snowshoeing.
Without a physical level, this is the ideal level for a recovery of activity or active rehabilitation.

LEVEL 2 (Beginners/intermediate)

Open to everyone but on more varied terrain you will experience your physical abilities smoothly on slightly longer courses than Level 1.

LEVEL 3 (Expert)

A good physical level will be required by the technical aspect of the outings or by a higher altitude, budding adventurers this level is yours.

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