As we do each season, we organise weekend
children ski courses. 4 to 9 children per class.


Start 3 to 15 yrs -- Out of school holidays!
9 children per class… (4 to 6 for Little one)
Test and medals free

As we do each season, we organise weekend children ski courses. 4 to 9 children per class
All levels from beginner to competition.

  Except from 04/02 to 25/02/23.

For complete beginners, your child can have a go for the first day, see if they want to carry on.
Please note that we are not a nursery and, if your child would like to learn, we need to see him every day so all the children can progress together as a class.

 For good skieur, see this product --> Team Freeride

How to get organised?

Book 1 to 3 days before the date (phone, mail...). Possibility to cancel the same morning...
just tell us please !

These courses are organized for local children who are lucky enough to be skiing more than average.
We will adapted the progression to their abilities. We insist on the fundamentals to make future skiers "well posed" on their ski or snowboard ...

Whether on a session or over the season we have a thorough monitoring of the progress of your children to not waste time and to be sure that they are always in the appropriate groups.

We want the organization of the courses as flexible as possible in order to allow you,the parents, a saving of time and energy (registration, cancellation of last minutes, passage of test and administrative follow-ups)
You can cancel a session the same morning in case of mishaps (weather, personal or others). A simple email or phone call is enough ...

Very flexible organization, no commitment...

  Dates and timetable

14:00 to 17:h00 (13:30 to 16:30 Start to 28/01/23) 


The first day

We try the first day and we see together ...


 Skipass you need

Skipass are free for the children under 8 years!

  Beginner to Green Mouse   Beginner skipass
  Bronze Mouse to Cristal Vermeil  Village skipass
  Gold Critstal to Run    Grand Massif skipass


Prices and timetable (€)

Time   Low season Levels
1 time 3 hours 32,00 Begginer to C. Vermeil
1 time 4 hours 55,00 Cristal d'Or, Diamant et Run
5 times --> 6th free, 10 times --> 11th free 
Cumulable pour les enfants d'une même famille.

Afternoon, 3hours : Saturday and/or Sunday (14:00/17:00 *)

* 13:30 to 16:30 until 28 January 2023

All prices

All season
Except 04/02 to 25/02/23

Start to 29/01/23 + 04/03/23 to the end


Not incuded in the price:
 Ski, sticks, schoes, helmet.

  Terms and conditions

and meeting points

For Les Carroz, Flaine or Mont saxonnex all informations you need regarding our organisation and our meeting points.

How's it going The team


Your level

All our pupils are assessed at the end of the week (on Friday), during their class.
Groups: Each child will get his badge and progress record booklet (included in the lesson price)
Lessons: All pupils can be assessed after 6h private tuition, medall are included

Tests and medals


Ski area - Skipass

Possibility to link all lift passes to your ski lessons. From the 4 hours package to the 20 days package, Massif and / or Grand Massif. Sale of all your packages directly to the office..

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