30 years teaching experience has helped
us to adapt our teaching methods


For 3,5 to 5 yrs -- Booking highly recommended
Test and medals free

30 years teaching experience has helped us to adapt our teaching methods to make your kids progress and enjoy themselves, following their own rhythm... on real ski slopes !

  Small groups !

Please note that we are not a nursery and, if your child would like to learn, we need to see him every day so all the children can progress together as a class.


  Dates and timetable

MORNING : Sunday to Friday, 6 days to 9:00 à 12:00
 : Sunday to Friday, 6 days to 14:00 à 17:00* 
(*13:30 to 16:30 Start to 27/01/24) 


First day

For complete beginners, your child can have a go for the first day, see if they want to carry on.


 Skipass you need

Skipass are free for the children under 5 years!

You need for the week :
  Beginner and White Mouse    Beginner skipass all the week
  Green Mouse to Cristal   Beginner skipass the first two days
  Bronze Cristal to Vermeil Cristal    Village skipass
  Gold Cristal and more    Grand Massif skipass


Timetable and prices(€)

Durée   Price
1 time 3 hours 60,00
6 x 3h Morning
5 x 3h Morning
9:00 to 12:00
9:00 to 12:00
6 x 3h Afternoon
5 x 3h Afternoon
14:00 to 17:00 *
14:00 to 17:00 *

Morning 6 days, 18 Hours: Sunday à Friday (3 hours - 9:00/12:00).
Afternoon 6 days, 18 Hours:Sunday à Friday (3 hours - 14:00/17:00)

* 13:30 to 16:30 until 27 January 2024

All prices

Low season

Start to 23/12/23 + 07/01/24 to 10/02/24 + 10/03/24 au 23/03/24 + 14/04/24 to end

High season

Anticipate your bookings
24/12/23 au 06/01/24 + 11/02/24 au 09/03/24 + 24/03/24 au 15/04/24

Not incuded in the price:
 Ski, sticks, shoes, helmet.

  Terms and conditions

and meeting points

Que ce soit sur Les Carroz, Flaine ou le Mont Saxonnex, toutes les informations sur notre organisation et nos points de rendez-vous.

How's it going Meeting points


Your level

All our pupils are assessed at the end of the week (on Friday), during their class.
Groups: Each child will get his badge and progress record booklet (included in the lesson price)
Lessons: All pupils can be assessed after 6h private tuition, medall are included

Tests and medals


Ski area - Skipass

Possibility to link all lift passes to your ski lessons. From the 4 hours package to the 20 days package, Massif and / or Grand Massif. Sale of all your packages directly to the office..

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