Dreaming of perfecting your technique on
or off piste whilst exploring each little hidden
corner of this beautiful resort?


Learn, Perfect, Explore

Whether on skis or a snowboard, there is nothing quite like it!

Come and explore in total safety all the off-piste areas the Grand Massif has to offer.
Dreaming of perfecting your technique on or off-piste whilst exploring each little hidden corner of this beautiful resort?

We provide all the equipment (ruck-sack, shovel, probe, DVA* tracker) and all free of charge.
*DVA : Détecteur Victime Avalanche, previously known as ARVA

You’re fully equipped and ready to go with your instructor up the mountain. So go and explore new horizons.

Starting out on off piste

You’re an all-round level 2 skier, and you want to try your hand at off-piste, no problem!
On off piste areas that remain within close range of the slopes, your instructor will teach you about safety and how to adapt your technique outside of the main pistes…be careful though, you’ll be hooked!

 Intermediate off piste

You’re a good level 3 skier and you no longer want to limit yourself to off-piste areas just the other side of the barriers? Progressively and safely, we can build on your current skills to enhance your technique allowing you to venture further afield

Advanced level off piste : the world of free riding

You’re a good off-piste skier used to level 3 or 4 classes, and your motto is: the more remote and untamed it is the better! We will open the doors to the world of Free-riding in the Grand Massif.
We guarantee adventure and will take you on the pro circuits. This tuition necessitates a minimum of half a day.


For adults, parents, or the ones who are bored... Great day skiing!
Small groups, Saturday morning - Ski off piste.
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You need : Grand Massif skipass or other

Prices (€)

Le tarifs varie en fonction du nombre de personne, du niveau et de la sortie choisie.
Nous contacter pour de plus amples information.

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Basse saison

Début au 17/12/21 + 03/01/22 au 04/02/22 + 07/03/22 au 01/04/22 + 17/04/22 à la fin

Haute saison

18/12/21 au 02/01/22 + 05/02/22 au 06/03/22 + 02/04/22 au 16/04/22

Not incuded in the price:
 Ski, sticks, schoes, helmet.

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Ski area - Skipass

Possibilité de lier tous les forfaits de remontées mécaniques à vos cours de ski. Du forfait 4 heures au forfait 20 jours, Massif et/ou Grand Massif. Vente de tous vos forfaits directement au bureau.

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